Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New iPad Data Usage on iTunes

Now that the New iPad is in the hands of millions of users the first thing we wanted to know was how much data it uses. For are first series of tests seen in the video above we ran some iTunes previews on the New iPad to see exactly how much data was consumed. To record the data we used a Peplink/Pepwave router with real time bandwidth monitoring.

The results showed that each iTunes two minute preview worked out to about 20MB of data. This means that if you want to checkout some previews over LTE killing some downtime you'll consume 600MB of data per hour. If we take the most popular data plans that works out to 3.4 Hr's of video on 2GB, 5.1 Hr's of video on 3GB and 8.5 Hr's on 5GB. It's probably a good idea that the carriers limited the ability of streaming the full movie over LTE. However, other services like Netflix, HBO Go and others aren't restricted, so stay tuned for updates on how much data some popular video streaming sites use.

Watch video in Youtube - New iPad Data Usage on iTunes Preview