Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CradlePoint COR Customer Comments 

Every morning, I go through customer comments from the previous day and this really hit home because all of our hard work to maintain 3Gstore is appreciated:

3G store is great because they have better photographs of the products and the additional item included - better than what is on the manufacturers websites. I also like how the items are displayed and the complete descriptions about the products that 3G store, i suppose, writes themselves. It's more like buying from an actual user of these types of products, compared to the typical box house.
Jeffrey in California

Jeffrey, you are 100% correct, we take all of our own pictures, write descriptions, write reviews and videos of all the products on our store.  We also use all the products we sell.  To run our warehouse, provide WiFi, keep all of our virtual employees connected and of course failover when cable goes down and we still need to ship - the same products we sell, we actually use (see Eating Your Own Dog Food).  We try every day to be different then all those other box pushers out there who don't have a clue about the products they are selling (and they don't provide support like we do either).  So, thanks again, glad that you found us and enjoy your new CradlePoint COR IBR 600LE-VZ that is on schedule to be delivered today :)

Michael Ginsberg