Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Signal Doesn't Matter?

“Luckily, signal strength has only a small and indirect impact on the quality of your data service.”

That is quite an interesting statement seeing as how you would have absolutely NO data service without a signal. When it comes to cellular data service, you need to look at 2 things mainly - Signal and Upload/Download Speeds. Sometimes you can have a decent speeds, but your signal strength is poor so you constantly may drop that connection. It works both ways - you could have great signal, but your speeds may be horrible.

So, when you hear that signal strength only plays a small part, take a closer look at all the variables in play. Location and environment can also play a part - obstructions around the location blocking signal (weather can do this as well), electronics in the environment can interfere with the cellular and WiFi frequencies inside your home/office too.

This is why when it comes to finding an antenna and/or amplifier for a fixed location, we at 3Gstore recommend doing a site survey at the location. Not only do we have you look at signal strength in terms of RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) instead of signal bars, but your speed tests as well. In addition, we ask what obstructions may be in the area such as trees, buildings, or higher elevation. These are ALL things that contribute to the quality of your data service.