Friday, May 11, 2012

Password Protection Act of 2012

There have been stories of employers requiring FaceBook passwords during job interviews so that the employer can see what you do with your life.  Apparently, there are companies that do the same thing with their current employees.  Apparently, our government is creating a Password Protection Act Of 2012 to protect individuals.

It is really too bad that it has come to this.

If I was asked for my FaceBook Password (or Linkedin or Email password) during a job interview, I would immediately walk out and assume this isn’t the place for me.  However, in today’s economy, people are lowering their standards because they have to pay for basic necessities.  So, giving up that password seems like a little, but it really is a lot and it is completely wrong.  What’s next?

I think it is completely wrong for employers to ask prospective or current employees for their personal login information for any site.  If the site is a company owned one (Blog, Email, etc.), well the company controls that and they are the one creating the username and password.  Different story.

So, it is too bad that there are some employers out there that are really taking advantage of people who are desperate for a job.  A word of caution to individuals, think before you post that picture or comment on some social media website.  Even though you may think you can delete it later - it is probably stored/cached somewhere and it could come back to haunt you personally or professionally.

Michael Ginsberg