Thursday, May 03, 2012

Peplink Load-Balances Cloud Computing

Peplink's most recent success story comes from Sumo Logic, which recently deployed a Balance 380, and immediately benefited from Peplink's advanced load balancing and bandwidth bonding technologies. Here is the blog post from Stefan Zier, Cloud Infrastructure Architect at Sumo Logic:

We are big believers in Cloud Computing — 100% of our own infrastructure in the cloud. In our first office, we learned that reliable and fast internet connectivity is absolutely crucial. When all your infrastructure is in the cloud, all work grinds to a screeching halt whenever connectivity is lost. In that office, we had a single, “business class” symmetric 10MBit link. In short, it sucked.

When we moved to our new 605 Castro Street office last year, we decided to try a different approach. We took design cues from web-scale applications: Pool commodity resources. Distribute load over the pool of resources. Anticipate failures. Scale horizontally. In concrete terms:
  • Set up multiple consumer grade internet connections.
  • Buy a router that supports multiple-WAN load balancing and failover.
  • Add more consumer grade internet connections when more bandwidth is needed.
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