Monday, June 18, 2012

CloudCam Baby Monitor

In addition to being 3Gstore's sales manager, I am also the mama of a six and a half month old baby. One might not think that my experience working with wireless equipment would have much impact on my mothering (there's no WiFi-enabled bottle warmer or 3G-capable pacifier, after all), but I actually did find something here at work that has made a HUGE difference in my life with baby!

When it was time to transition baby from his little bassinet next to my bed into his crib in his own room, I was VERY nervous. Panicked, actually! For four months, I had grown accustomed to waking up repeatedly throughout the night and taking a quick peak at him; satisfied that he was a-ok, I'd be able to go back to sleep. How was I going to do that if he was in his own room?

Getting out of bed and walking down the hall to peek into his crib five times a night didn't sound very appealing (and NOT obsessively checking on my child multiple times each night wasn't an option). Luckily, I knew we had a new product at 3Gstore that would work perfectly for me: the CloudCam Indoor Day/Night IP Camera!

The CloudCam cameras are internet cams that are typically used for applications like security or  monitoring a remote location, but I discovered that it's also the perfect baby monitor, too. CloudCams are essentially internet-capable video cameras that can be viewed remotely either via an app that's available for iPhones and Android devices or via software that you can install on any Windows computer. They're super easy to set up - there's NO networking knowledge needed; no port forwarding or any of the other requirements that most IP cameras require.

 I installed my CloudCam in the corner of the baby's crib (it comes with a stand that you can screw mount to a flat surface, but any tripod can be used; I use a flexible tripod so I can have the camera "grip" the crib):

I installed the "camview" app on my iPhone, and now I can check on the baby anytime, anywhere! Here's what it looks like on my phone:

This is obviously perfect for checking in on him at night without having to get out of bed, but it's also very handy when I'm out of the house. As long as my phone has signal, I can check on the baby. This was a big relief the first time my husband and I left the baby with a babysitter at night! This is where the CloudCam stands out compared to video baby monitors sold in baby stores - I have the access the video feed anytime, anywhere. And of course, the camera doesn't have to stay in the crib - I could easily re-mount it in another location, like if I wanted to be able to monitor him while he's playing in the family room with the babysitter.

This has been a real sanity-saver for me as a nervous new mom. I hadn't expected anything from my work to end up on my "must-have baby gear" list, but I now recommend the CloudCam to all my mommy friends!