Friday, June 22, 2012

Congrats to 3Gstore Customer John H. For Writing Review of a Wilson SignalBoost DT Amplifier/Repeater Kit - 801247 [800/1900mhz]

Congrats to John H. of Houston, Texas who just won a $25.00 gift code for writing a review for Wilson SignalBoost DT Amplifier/Repeater Kit - 801247 [800/1900mhz] at! Every week we randomly pick one product review from the previous week and award the writer a $25.00 gift code. We appreciate ALL the reviews our customers write, whether they are positive or negative - honest reviews like John H.\'s help other customers decide if the product is right for them. After you purchase a product from, we encourage you to log in and and leave a review letting people know how the product worked for you - you'll be helping others, and you'll automatically be entered to win a gift code!.

The product was not at all hard to install, and I did get some improvement in the signal - a Blackberry (using Sprint) improved the most, the AT&T iPhone almost as good, and the Verizon Android had the least improvement. But you need to stay pretty close to the indoor antennae so your cell essentially becomes a corded landline phone. But since I used to have to walk a 1/4 mile up the road to use my phone, it is a reasonable compromise.