Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Helpful Apps for a Busy Mom

I think I was the last person to get a more advanced smartphone that I could use with apps, however I’m so glad I finally broke down and did. My husband was trying to convince me for months, but I was perfectly happy with my basic blackberry. When that died, I had no choice, smartphone/android it was!

I’m recently now a mom of two little kiddos, a 3 year old boy and 6 month old girl. I juggle a full time job, working from home(SWEET), raising my two little darlings, being the maid, being the cook and an amazing wife(LOL). Sometimes things get crazy, but thats the fun of it right? Well having a smartphone is very helpful, with all the free apps you can download. Here are my top 5 apps I use on a daily basis.

Gas Buddy: This app comes in handy about once a week. It will find the cheapest gas on the go--for FREE! Gas prices are for both USA and Canada in just one click, you can locate gas stations near you and see their current prices. You even get points for every gas price you report. They give away a $250 gift card every week to one lucky person. Maybe one day it will be me and then I wake up. However, I think it’s great everyone is coming together to help people save money on gas.

Shop Savvy: I just love this app, because well like most women I love to shop!  When you use Shop Savvy, your camera becomes a bar code scanner.  Scan the barcode of any item to find out other places in your area and online that have it, listed lowest to highest by price.  Why pick up a phone and call the store, when you have this app?  I use this app all the time and absolutely love it!


iBaby: This app took the place of me carrying around my, “itzbeen” which I loved with my first child. The thing rarely left my side. Now that I’m a more experienced mom (hahaha) I use this app. This app is a easy use log tracker/monitor. It tracks daily activities about your baby with just one click, includes sleep, bathroom statistics #1 and #2, bottle/nursing, growth record and so much more.

 Cozi: Where has this app been all my life? Anyone that knows me I make lists for everything, however I’m not very organized. Cozi's free app allows you to schedule activities on a calendar, create shopping lists and make to-do lists. What makes it even sweeter is that you can color-code calendar events, lists and tasks for each family member!

Mapmyrun: Mommy needs to burn off the baby weight and stay healthy. One thing that helps me relax and do this is running. Running everyday is a nice little break from all my jobs! MapMyRUN app will record and store routes of your favorite workouts. Share your workouts with your friends or meet new ones as you train for your first 5K or marathon. Now lets get serious this mommy is only running her first 5k in September, no marathons in my future.

There are so many endless apps that you can use with the new smartphones. Apps can make your life alot easier, I know it helps this Mommy of 2.