Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Ensure Speedy Delivery of your Package

The address information in the ship to field is a very important step to insure your package is delivered correctly. Delivery companies utilize numerous people and machines to route packages. Information such as street names, city and zip codes should be double checked in the shipping address fields. This extra step may eliminate a ‘glitch’ in transit.

Too little information such as a Business name, suite, or apartment number may delay the delivery, and too much information such as not abbreviating, may leave off valuable information. Knowing how to properly abbreviate, may be the difference in receiving the order on time.

Company Name (could be left blank if a residence)
Street Number (which every location has)
Suburb area (this is used for a suite, space or apartment number)
Zip code.(5 or 9 digit)

Consulting your local USPS, or FedEx office may help with proper abbreviation (or even look at current bills that come to your address - they will usually contain the correct abbreviations and zip codes)