Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One Month on the Job

Chas is the newest member of the 3Gstore family; he's working as a sales rep in our warehouse in Cary, IL. We asked him to tell the world about his first month working at 3Gstore:

30 days huh, what was i doing thirty days ago? 30 days ago i was shuffling around at walmart as one of their wireless associates. While I loved the position, as I got the chance to play with the newest and coolest phones, that just was not the place for me a father of three and techno junkie. I come from a background of computers and tech, starting with my own computer with DOS and Windows 3.1 even before then just messing around on my dad's lap. I played my fair share of sports but nothing grabbed my attention like a playing with a computer or taking apart electronic toys (guns, etc.).

When I saw the job for 3Gstore I felt it would be a necessary move forward for me as an individual and a professional. The application process was more than intriguing, asking questions about multiple things including my phone and what i liked about it (which was that i could root it and then mod heavily). Here i am now at 3Gstore, getting to mess with leading technology in the cellular field. Everyday i learn something, whether it’s from intense training or messing around with some amplifier or antenna. I also get to talk to the nicest customers I have ever encountered. What started out slow as a learning environment has turned into a career i can really see going far. So thanks to everyone at 3GStore. This has been the best leap forward i think i could have made!!