Thursday, June 07, 2012

Peplink Protects Alaskan Search & Rescue Team

The Alaska Wing Civil Air Patrol is an all-volunteer civilian group that responds to 85% of inland search and rescue missions in Alaska. To accomplish missions and ensure crew safety, a rock-solid reliable network connection is essential, making the Peplink Balance the router of choice for the Alaska Wing. The Peplink Balance 30 supports the Alaska Wing’s online weather briefings, mission management, and collaboration.

  • Deployed a Peplink Balance 30.
  • Load balanced two Internet links for increased bandwidth and seamless failover.
  • Connected to another squadron with a point-to-point wireless link.

Winning factors:
  • 100% uptime enhances the efficiency of the Alaska Wing’s search and rescue efforts.
  • “Our operation depends on a reliable connection to ensure the safety of our crews. The Peplink Balance 30 has given us the reliability necessary to safely carry out our mission.”

The Peplink Balance 30 allows you to load balance between three WAN connections (cable/DSL/T-1/satellite) for increasing internet bandwidth, reliability, uptime, and to reduce the cost of having expensive leased lines. It also supports a variety of 3G mobile broadband USB modems (view full compatibility chart). The user-friendly Web Admin and Reporting Service help you to manage your network easily and intuitively.

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