Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things to consider when planning a Mobile Broadband Pilot

3Gstore has been involved with the planning and implementation of many pilot programs that have ended up in a success story.  With that said, we felt that it would be beneficial for others that are looking into a Mobile Broadband project to consider the following as to minimize time and expense in their project planning.  Here are just a few of the things to consider when launching a new 3G or 4G solution in your organization.

- Roaming Fees for Mobile Broadband when outside of the US
- Terms and Conditions on when a Contract takes place for 2 Years of service.  Grace period in which you can cancel services without an early termination fee. (See the following for more information on Terms and conditions)
- Services that will incur more data usage than others, ie: Streaming Video, Web Cam, Audio Streaming, Screen Sharing, VPN Bonding, etc...
- Be sure to contact the support team at 3Gstore prior to spending countless hours thus frustrating yourself and others.  We have an extensive knowledge base we have developed over the years and our vendor relationships run deep!
- Return period for hardware ie: Router, Antennas Amps. (See RMA policy)
-Surveying the site in which you are looking to establish an internet connection.  RSSI values are better than calculating bars of signal.  (See the following for more information on performing a proper site survey)
-Purchasing to much or to little of a product that may end up pushing you over budget.  

Including the above ideas in your plans will definitely minimize the costs that are involved in testing a new 3G or 4G service.  Be sure to consult with our friendly sales team at 3Gstore.  We have your business as our Top Priority.