Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trade Show Router Solutions, ARC MBR1400 or COR IBR600 Series

With summer approaching more trade show events are coming and Internet connectivity is a necessity for vendors. If you intend to operate a POS (Point of sale) system, or provide WiFi connectivity for employees you have a few options for Internet connectivity. Most venues offer T-1 service or WiFi connectivity, however, vendors are finding venues charging upwards of $1,000 a day for Internet connectivity that is often slow and unstable. With Verizon's 4G LTE network now available in over 200 markets, many are switching to cellular to save money and receive faster more reliable Internet connectivity.

This is where the ARC MBR1400 comes into play as an enterprise grade all in one solution to provide you with Internet connectivity. Unlike traditional Cradlepoint routers that use a standard 3G/4G USB modem the ARC series has an integrated sim slot allowing you to simply insert your Verizon simcard for service. The modem cap then bolts directly onto the MBR1400 for a secure fit making it easy to transport to new events. 

The Cradlepoint IBR600LE solution is ideal for trade show vendors that have limited space and don't require the WiFi range of the ARC MBR1400. The small form factor (3.3" x 4" x 0.9") makes the COR series ideal as a briefcase solution to provide Internet connectivity on the go. In fact, you can easily pair the COR or ARC series with the Tekkeon MP3450i R3battery pack for up to 12 hours! This allows you to get setup without worrying about finding an outlet to power the router.

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