Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Data Plan is Right For You?

As I have discussed previously data plans are, as a great man once said, the wave of the future, the wave of the future, the wave of the future(it was Howard Hughes, he was kind of crazy, but not wrong). They are the things that makes your phone do everything you like about it that isn’t answering your calls, which let’s be honest is kind of hit or miss on most phones.   Data plans are so important to your cell phone that they will soon replace minute plans for many companies within the next two years.  So the question is then is what is right for you, what do you need, and is your cell carrier giving it to you in the good way or the bad way?

The most obvious way to look at is the number G’s you get. Now this means what level of data range does your phone have. The earliest phones were 1-2G, which means that they could only answer phone calls really. Most recently, the 3G revolution began, which means that your cell carriers network can handle a lot more traffic especially data. This is what most smart phones are currently on.

3G means that you can surf the internet, check your email, and stream movies on your phone, these all cannot be done at the same time but pretty close. You can also download the occasional app, as long as you aren’t downloading one a week.  It’s the mullet of data plans, on top all business, but you look a back side of it and you can see all party.  This is what almost everyone has or will ever need. But for some people this is too much power and for some not enough. Here take a look at what we have for speeds,5G, and 2G, this will help you have a better idea of where you fall.  For those who feel this is too much data for one person, you’re just going to have to suck it up. In simpler phones 3G isn’t a problem, but those kinds of phones are fewer and fewer. You must succumb to the great 3G power, and for some even that is not enough.

4G is a the tri-corn, of cell phones. It is a step above us all, like George Clooney. This is for those who their phone is not just their work, it is the thing that keeps them breathing.  It creates and destroys mountains of data without blinking an eye. It is for the travelling salesman who is selling nuclear fusion reactors off the internet, who, when he’s in the room with the “freedom fighters” needs all his pricing data at the touch of his kind of lame stylus pen.   So for them the world needs to be at their fingertips, especially when it’s time to update that K&R insurance. These people, as you can guess are rare, but they are out there. If you feel you are one of those people upping your G ante will work out better in the long run for you and your cell carrier.

Now for most people there is no reason to chew off their nails at the prospect of the changing world of data plans. When you are in any wi-fi populated area, which is most places nowadays, your data plan goes into hibernation mode, so you don’t really need to worry too much about it. But like most things in our world today, it’s something you need to keep an eye on. The changing face of data plans are important because your cell phone carrier wants to soak you every chance they can. But if you keep an eye on your usage and how you want to use your phone the soaking should only come from the one of the other forty different hidden fees that are currently flying at your bank account.