Thursday, July 19, 2012

AT&T CEO no comment on Facetime fee

Recently screenshots emerged from the iOS6 beta, which indicated customers would need to contact AT&T to activate FaceTime over their cellular network. This is already raising concerns from sites like free press who director Matt Wood said “It's hard to believe AT&T could contemplate blocking consumers’ access to a video-calling application unless those consumers pay AT&T an additional fee. Such a move would almost certainly violate the open Internet rules that AT&T worked with the FCC to craft — rules that we've criticized as far too weak, but that are acceptable to AT&T according to the company's own congressional testimony.” in a statement. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told 9to5Mac that they’d share more information with their customers as it becomes available, and went as far to say “I’ve heard the same rumor”. Stephenson insists that for now they’re focused on working with Apple to get the technology stabilized and far to early to talk about pricing.