Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cradlepoint announces ARC MBR1400LP and more!

CradlePoint, the global leader in 3G/4G wireless network solutions for distributed enterprises, announces availability of new additions to the CradlePoint COR and ARC series routers with integrated connectivity to the 4G LTE Network from AT&T early September 2012.

CradlePoint COR IBR600LP: Built for the unique requirements of the machine-to-machine (M2M) market, the CradlePoint COR IBR600LP incorporates embedded dual-mode 4G (LTE/HSPA+) connectivity that allows customers to access and capitalize on AT&T’s growing, high-speed LTE network with full compatibility on their nationwide HSPA+ network. The COR IBR600LP’s small form factor provides a flexible, reliable, and secure solution for high-bandwidth applications.

CradlePoint ARC MBR1400LP: Brings connectivity to AT&T’s LTE/HSPA+ network to the CradlePoint ARC series routers which provides an easy-to-install, one-box solution for wired primary connections and wireless failover in new network installations, pop-up or temporary locations, or for applications where an alternate network, off the main corporate network, is desired.

CradlePoint ARC CBA750LP: Adds connectivity for the ARC series adapters which provide a drop-in 4G network failover solution that can be added as an overlay to an existing network infrastructure to enable continuous uptime.

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