Friday, July 20, 2012

Have you been declined?

We occasionally have customers who run into the problem of their credit card getting declined when they try to place an order, either because of an error or something simply like a billing address mismatch. After re-entering their information and successfully placing their order, they look at their bank account and see two pending transactions, even though their first attempt was declined.

This causes confusion and in turn they call us asking why we charged them twice for their order. Well i am here to try to clear that up. Whenever you attempt to order something with your credit card, your bank automatically puts a “hold” on the funds. If it is declined for any reason (incorrect billing address, etc), the funds are not actually taken out of your account, but the authorization from the attempted order may still show up on your account for a day or two (the actual amount of time that these pending transactions stick around on your account vary from bank to bank; typically within a couple days the accounts are unfrozen and available again).

Rest assured that 3Gstore only receives funds for successful orders - if you have a declined transaction attempt, even if your bank is still holding onto the funds for a day or two, this does NOT mean 3Gstore has (or will receive) those funds.

To avoid having your funds frozen due to multiple transaction attempts, you should always be aware of what address your bank has on file as the “billing address” for your card - billing address mismatch issues are the number one reason credit card charges are declined.