Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Micro Cell/Pico Station Vs. Amplifiers?


Many people ask us if a MicroCell or Pico Station would perform the same functionality as our Wilson and CellPhone-Mate 3-Watt amplifiers.  The first thing one needs to understand is how they differ.  Pico Stations require a high speed Internet service to power the service these devices support.  They are essentially made for those with a wired Internet connection where the PicoStation can re-route the voice traffic as a data connection over the subscribers wired Internet service.  Many of our customers find that this is not a viable option for they are nowhere near wired Internet services which are stable and high speed.  

With Wireless Amplifiers like Wilson and CellPhone Mate, these are unique in that they provide a service where no Internet is required, just a signal that is present outside of the building.  These amplifiers essentialy brings takes your weaker signal closer to the tower that it originates on.  For example, a user on the Verizon 3G service that accesses the Internet using a USB based Mobile Broadband Modem, these devices have an internal antenna that draws in a cellular signal.  Once the signal is increased by connecting to an amplifier, the reception could potentially become better which ultimately can relate to better speeds.  These amplifiers can also increase signal reception for better completion of voice calls.  Some users have reported that it is the determining factor whether they will be able to place or receive a call in most cases.

For those of you reading this that DO NOT have a wired Internet Service to attach a Pico Station/Micro Cell to your network, be sure to give 3G/4G amplifier technology a try.  The experts at 3Gstore will help you put together the right solution that best fits your needs and most importantly, your budget!