Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Peplink Senao Deployment

Lots of Ways to Work. One Complete Branch Networking Solution.

As more businesses seek the cost and competitive advantages of operating in multiple locations, the demand for reliable, secure, and fast site-to-site networking is exploding. Peplink SpeedFusion powers enterprise-class VPNs at a fraction of the cost of MPLS/leased lines while offering the kind of deployment and operational flexibility that legacy technologies can't hope to match. Our new all-in-one networking solution bonds multiple low-cost data links -- both wired and wireless -- to create an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable VPN connecting all sites. Whether employees work indoors or outdoors, across the building or halfway around the planet, SpeedFusion keeps the entire business connected securely and affordably.

SpeedFusion Success Story: Senao International
Senao International, a leading Taiwanese retail electronics chain, relies on SpeedFusion to collect and process store performance, POS, and ERP data, in addition to delivering streaming HD video product displays and demos to its customers.

  • Deployment:
    • Installed hundreds of Peplink devices in retail store locations and headquarters
    • Replaced MPLS with 2x ADSL lines in every store
    • Deployed seamless and secure VPN using SpeedFusion technology
  • Winning Factors:
    • Lower operating costs and higher speeds compared to MPLS network upgrades
    • Easy scalability and flexible deployment
    • Increased POS data reliability and rising sales chainwide

Spread the News and Widen Your Market

Since upgrading its corporate/branch network to SpeedFusion technology, Senao International enjoys increased revenues and network speeds, along with world-class security and reliability, all at big savings over MPLS/leased lines. Share Senao's success story today and win the next branch networking opportunity with SpeedFusion. 

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