Friday, July 06, 2012

Should I watch High Definition Videos on my 3G/4G Device?

Should I watch High Definition Videos on my Verizon, Sprint, DataJack, T-Mobile, or AT&T?

More people are sharing and watching high-definition video. A typical compressed DVD image or Netflix movie is about one or two gigabytes (700 MB - 1.37GB). But convert that film to Blu-ray and it’s close to 4-5 times that size.  While the CradlePoint Routers and the PepLink Routers have a built in Data Monitoring device built in, it is sometimes best to hold off on that High Definition Video especially when 2 Movies will put you over the 5GB.

In the past six months, the amount of bandwidth used by streaming video software has quadrupled.  This trend isn’t likely to decrease, either, as new high-definition screens like the MacBook Pro’s Retina display make high-quality videos even more appealing.  

However when it’s you and your significant other and you want to watch a romantic movie like  The Notebook can you really put a price on a movie.