Friday, July 06, 2012

Signature required

Signature or NO Signature?

Since there are so many people involved with the delivery of an order, a Signature requirement is used more to protect than disappoint.

Incorrectly delivered packages, weather, animal damage, or theft, may be avoided with a signature requirement.  Alternate address may also be used to ship a package. A neighbor, a place of business or hold at locations should be considered.

When requesting a package to be delivered to a neighbor’s house, the label should have that person’s name and address listed. FedEx offers hold at locations (some with 24 hour service) to pick up packages at a more convenient time for you. There may be a location along the route used to run errands or for other activities.

Requiring signature doesn’t necessarily mean the residence is in a bad neighborhood,  and the final decision (even though it was not requested), rests on the delivery driver.

We strive to ensure the order is received as promised, without damage or stress in transit.