Monday, July 23, 2012

Social Media Today

Friday morning, I was driving my little ones to the babysitter’s house and I heard on the radio. “This is for the ones that died watching Batman.” I was shocked by the statement and needed more information. One would normally go to the news, but I needed to know now and so I turned to facebook on my phone. It never lets you down, right? A few of my friends had status updates and one of the news channels I follow had statuses that other followers posted.

The massacre took place at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, in the town of Aurora, Colorado, where a masked man wearing body armour entered the cinema through an emergency exit and set off tear gas or smoke bombs before opening fire in the packed auditorium. Twelve people died and 71 injured.

Social Media started posted around 12:30 am. Posts were from people in the theatres as well as those looking to see if their loved ones were ok. Social media played a huge role in the Aurora, Colorado shooting. American Red Cross even tweeted and facebooked for the victims to post to let them know they were ok or even alive. Even all day Friday, people were looking to social media for an update.

Social media is rising and such a powerful thing in our lives these days. Not only do we get our news from the TV or paper, but now most of us get it from browsing Facebook or Twitter. Social media helps spread the word and warn us of certain things we were once only able to get from turning on the TV or radio. So, next time your parents or Grandparents complain about how much you use ‘The Facebook’ or that tweety thing, just tell them times have changed and you could be alerted of something even before the news is broadcasted!

On a serious note, this horrific event has saddened the country. I urge you to keep the victims and their families in your thoughts.

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