Thursday, August 16, 2012

AT&T disabling texting for teens?

       Texting while driving is very dangerous and we see accidents caused by it everyday. If caught texting while driving, you will receive a pretty large ticket.  Most parents want to trust that their kids are following the law, however we all know kids don’t always listen.     
       AT&T is currently working on an app that will let parents disable texting, calling, and even internet access on their child's phone remotely.  The app could also send parents alerts if their kids are driving too fast or dangerously, keeping a log of potentially reckless activity so that they can be gone over once the child returns home.   
      They don’t know yet how it will determine if the child is actually the one driving or simply a passenger in the car. Parents are worried if they remotely shut it off, children will not be able to be used in the event the child is involved in an accident. As of right now the app is just in the works, but we think the issue will be solved when the app is ready to launch. Hopefully other carriers will follow in AT&T’s plan to help save lives. Remember stay alive...don't text and drive!