Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AT&T requires shared data plan for FaceTime use

Have you been anxiously awaiting the latest gen iPhone 5 to release in September? AT&T has recently announced that subscribers must sign up for a data-sharing plan if you want to use FaceTime video over their cellular network. This means if you’re on an older grandfathered unlimited account you will not be able to use FaceTime over the cellular network, unless you jailbreak your device.

However, regardless of the plan selected customers will still be able to enjoy FaceTime over WiFi. According to Apple spokesman Mark Siegel AT&T has said “AT&T will offer FaceTime over cellular as an added benefit of our new Mobile Share data plans.” Let us know in the comments below if you feel this move violates Net Neutrality since FaceTime is just data anyway you look at it. 

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