Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Apple Should Do if they are Awarded 2.5 billion

The Apple vs. Samsung trial is around 1/2 way done and now it is time for Samsung to make their case.  Many have thought that Apple had presented a good case.  So, if they should win 2.5 billion in damages, what should Apple do with the money?  They already have a ton of money in the bank, adding another 2.5 billion isn't going to really help them too much.  Since, one of the claims is that customers who bought a Samsung thought they were buying an iPad, I have a great idea for the 2.5 billion.

Deposit the 2.5 billion in a new account and offer anyone that purchased a Galaxy phone or Tablet the ability to send in their device and get a free iPhone or iPad.  No strings attached, no gimmicks..  After Apple receives the Galaxy, they send them a like iOS device and from an accounting point of view, just deduct the charge from the bank account.

Based on my math of using a value of $600, Apple should be able to replace 4.1 million Galaxy devices with the 2.5 billion.

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