Friday, September 14, 2012

I Can't Live If Living Is Without You: Apps you Can't Live without

Almost every app company in the world are working towards one goal. Make your life easier. Whether it’s making you laugh, making your work more accessible, letting you show family and friends just how cute your dog is, helping you find a cheaper scarf, or where your new favorite place is they will climb over the dead carcasses of those that came before them to get your $.99.  Here are some of them that have done a better job climbing over the dead than others.

Combining Facebook and TomTom, Waze  has saved many from life sucking traffic jams and flashing blue and red lights. It uses real time info. from other users to tell you know where the knots in traffic are as well as giving you a crisp clean map along with shots of other users near you. It gives you alternate routes and stays constantly updated. That way you don’t look for that BandB that shut down two years ago but, for some reason, is still on the map. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it gets you where you need to go. Can’t ask for much more.

Grouper is great way to keep your contacts separate so that you don’t have to scroll through your work contacts, friends, and family all while holding a coffee, yelling at your kids and driving sixty mph. I have known many who have said this is a life saver.  Yes, your phone has a basic version of this. But this one lets you pick the names of your folder, and doesn’t hide those that you don’t always need. This is another excellent way to compartmentalize your life, just like your feelings.

Now many would say you can only take my Safari from my cold dead hands but the reason I think Google is a great app to have is because you can do more that just surf the net. You can check your gmail with it, look up your work in the new Google Drive, use the maps whatever you want. It makes my world more available to me while I’m on the go without the high price of an IPad. So though it may not be as awesome to some as the Safari it’s still gets my vote for pure accessibility.

Pandora is the beginning and the end of app radio. Others come close but none seems to get past their simple interface, good music selection and giant library. While the skipping ability can get annoying it’s still better than a lot of stuff out there because it’s got the perfect amount of more without too much less. is the best app for what so many people need. Something to read while they're waiting to do something more interesting. With funny articles, and fun photoplasty that’ll put a smile on your face without giving anything away.