Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Relationship With Technology: A New Film Raises Some Questions

If you’re anything like me, new cutting edge movies (especially sci-fi) excite you just as much as new tech. So when I heard about an upcoming film about a man who falls in love with a machine, it immediately sparked interest.

Writer/Director Spike Jonze has married the two, so to speak, and taken things to a new level. Of course we’ve seen our share of androids with emotions in countless films, but I can’t think of any having to do with a talking computer (I think we can rule out Hal from the classic 2001, because let’s face it, that thing had no feelings).

Apple’s Siri comes to mind with Jonze’s new film ‘Her’. So far, IndieWire has the most information on the new film and lists this as the synopsis: “In the not-so-distant future, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely writer, purchases a newly developed operating system designed to meet the user's every need. To Theodore's surprise, a romantic relationship develops between him and his operating system. This unconventional love story blends science fiction and romance in a sweet tale that explores the nature of love and the ways that technology isolates and connects us all.”

With technology ever growing, who’s to say this won’t be possible in the future? I’m sure we’ll have androids like the ones we’ve seen already before that, but what’s this say about us as a society? I think this film is going to raise, at least I hope, lots of questions regarding our relationships with technology. We should find out just how far is too far when the film comes out sometime next year.