Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-Mobile Starts to Move 3G to 1900 MHZ for its forthcoming 4G LTE Network

T-Mobile announced that the company has fully refarmed its 1900MHz spectrum in Las Vegas and launched HSPA+ service using that frequency. 

Nationwide, T-Mobile USA uses 1700MHz AWS spectrum for its HSPA+ 3G/4G network and the 1900MHz PCS spectrum for its voice network and 2.5G data network. T-Mobile is in the process of refarming -- or repurposing -- its 1900MHz spectrum so that it can free up its 1700MHz spectrum for its forthcoming LTE 4G network. 

It will migrate the small percentage of its customers who still have 2.5G devices to newer hardware and continue to roll out HSPA+ service in the 1900MHz band, cutting off its 2.5G service. 

New York City, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. are next up for the spectrum switch. With respect to its LTE 4G network. 

T-Mobile will begin deploying LTE 4G in 2013 and expects to complete the LTE roll out by the end of next year.