Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Bug Plagues the iPhone

From aesthetic flaws like scratches or light leakage, to hardware issues like WiFi, to strange issues like odd rattling noises. Now iPhone 5 users, specifically Verizon Wireless customers, are having issues with the date and time displaying correctly - as reported from users on the Apple support forums. Some have seen the time off by just a few minutes to an entire day, and even up to 2 weeks. Most reports say the issue is isolated to a fixed location where WiFi or LTE coverage may be weak or inconsistent.

So far, there’s been a few fixes - which MAY help some - such as changing the date/time to manual, resetting the phone, turning off LTE and enabling Airplane Mode, but nothing is concrete. Apple and Verizon seem to be aware of the problem - I’m sure due to the overflow of complaints coming in - but have yet to release any definitive resolution. Anyone else having the same issue?