Thursday, October 04, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 vs. MiFi 4620L Verizon Hotspot, LTE test results

Apple sold over 5 million iPhone 5’s in the first weekend alone and a lot of customers have been enjoying 4G LTE connectivity for the first time. The increased speeds allow customers to surf the web and do things like video chat that are difficult and unreliable over 3G. Apple’s iPhone 5 has a built in hotspot feature just like the older iPhone 4S/4 and other popular smartphones allowing you to share Internet connectivity with multiple devices. Although this feature is a nice add-on to your existing device, you might not realize you could be getting more speed with a dedicated MiFi hotspot or USB modem.

To put this to the test we decided to pit the new Verizon iPhone 5 running LTE against the Verizon MiFi 4620L Jetpack to see which device performed better. To keep things fair we tested them at the same location using the application “”. We ran multiple tests using the iPhone over LTE and the New iPad via the MiFi 4620L’s WiFi signal to see which performed better. After testing the cellular link directly, we also enabled the hotspot function on the iPhone and tested Apple’s New iPad with both the MiFi 4620L and iPhone 5 hotspot. Checkout the video below to see the results in realtime or continue reading for the results:

Apple iPhone 5 vs. MiFi 4620L LTE Speedtest results:
Test Results:

  • iPhone 5 direct via cellular: 4.667Mbps Down & 11.122Mbps Up, 95ms Ping
  • New iPad via iPhone 5 with Hotspot: 14.10Mbps Down & 1.45Mbps Up, 87ms Ping
  • New iPad via MiFi 4620L WiFi: 20.08Mbps Down & 8.50Mbps Up, 79ms Ping

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