Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pepwave Surf Mini iPhone 5 WiFi tethering

The video above demonstrates how easy it is to setup your iPhone 5 or other hotspot enabled smartphone with the Pepwave Surf Mini. When you have the unit synced via WiFi you can use the Surf Mini to rebroadcast a very large WiFi network typically around 200 - 300’ away! This allows you to keep your smartphone near a window and use devices in other areas of your home or office where you may have issues with signal.

If you use your smartphone as your primary source of Internet connectivity you can also use the Surf Mini as a network adapter. The unit features one Ethernet port that can be configured for either LAN (Local area network), or WAN (Wide area network) to quickly connect the Surf Mini to an existing Cable/DSL router that doesn’t support WiFi as WAN. Of course if you live in a populated area you can also use the Surf Mini to pick up nearby WiFi networks and join in addition to your smartphone.

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