Friday, November 09, 2012

Verizon to complete 4G LTE build out by mid-2013

According to Verizon Wireless the carrier plans to complete their 4G LTE build-out by the middle of 2013. At the end of the third quarter Verizon reported that 35% of its data traffic was coming from 14.9 million postpaid LTE devices covering over 80% of the U.S. population, or 250 million people across 400 markets. Typical speeds over 4G LTE average 5-12Mbps download and 2-5Mbps with many customers experiencing even faster speeds! These increased speeds make for an interesting option for backup failover for businesses looking for redundant backup connectivity. Both AT&T and Sprint combined don’t offer half the market total that Verizon offers and will not complete their 4G LTE rollouts until 2014. This gives Verizon a significant edge for anybody that is looking for reliable 4G LTE connectivity throughout the country.

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