Thursday, November 15, 2012

AT&T launches 4G LTE in 9 more markets

Lately AT&T has been generating headlines with more and more 4G LTE deployments and the company recently announced another nine LTE markets. AT&T's now offering LTE in Annapolis, Maryland; York, Pennsylvania, Daytona Beach, Florida; Tacoma, Washington; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Louisville, Kentucky; and Provo, Utah. This brings their market total to almost 90 units, which may sound impressive until you hear that Verizon Wireless is offering LTE in over 400 markets covering over 80% of the population. This still gives Verizon a 4 to 1 lead in the race to 4G LTE dominance, but AT&T is starting to catch back up. According to DSLreports users in the Daytona beach area are seeing speeds above 40Mbps downstream, however, this is a brand new market with only a handful of users taking advantage of LTE. Speeds should settle down around 5-12Mbps download and 2-5Mbps upload.

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