Wednesday, November 07, 2012

AT&T to Spend $14 Billion over the Next 3 years on it's Wired and Wireless Infrastructure

AT&T has announced that it will be spending $14 billion over the next three years to beef up its wireless and wireline broadband networks. The company will attempt to boost its 4G LTE network to support 300 million users by year-end 2014 and expand its wired IP broadband base to 75 percent of customer locations by late 2015.

In addition, the operator intends to have fiber deployed to a million business locations and plans to expand U-verse (internet, TV and phone combos) by 8.5 million to 33 million customer locations.

AT&T predicts that 99 percent of customers will get broadband services one way or other, with $8 billion in investment heading toward wireless projects and $6 billion goosing up wired broadband.