Thursday, November 08, 2012

T-Mobile expands 1900Mhz HSPA+ to 3 more cities

This week T-Mobile announced the company will launch 1900Mhz HSPA+ in three new markets. This will allow them to take advantage of customers that have unlocked iPhone’s and want to switch carriers but not sacrifice performance. Originally T-Mobile launched their HSPA+ network on 1700/2100Mhz, which means that most phones designed for AT&T weren’t compatible with their 4G network. The spectrum re-farm will allow AT&T users to switch to T-Mobile and enjoy 4G connectivity. In this latest launch T-Mobile is now offering 1900Mhz HSPA+ in Washington DC, Baltimore and Houston and they plan to continue installing new equipment at 37,000 cell sites. Knowing which frequency T-Mobile is using in your area is crucial if you have issues with signal because there are different repeaters designed for T-Mobiles 1700/2100 bands and refarmed 1900Mhz frequency.