Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Converting a 3G repeater setup into a 3G/4G setup

Have you been waiting for a wireless repeater that supports both 3G and 4G LTE? Until now customers only had a few options to repeat both 3G and 4G LTE signal within a building. Option one was to shell out for a Cellphone-Mate Force-5, which is the only wireless amplifier on the market that currently supports 3G/4G AWS and LTE. This is a commercial grade solution and is cost prohibitive for most consumers that simply want to increase signal within their home or office, not an entire warehouse or building. Option two is more cost friendly to customers by running another complete system for 4G data, but required more external antennas, cable and interior antennas making the setup more cumbersome.

The problem with option two is most customers don’t want to run another antenna outside and invest in more antennas just to boost data service in addition to their voice service. Now, 3Gstore has a third option for customers and likely the easiest solution to get a repeater that works on all frequencies you need. Rather than buy another external antenna, cables, amplifier and interior antennas, you can now get a pair of “Diplexer’s”, which allows you to utilize just one set of antennas and cables with TWO amplifiers to cover both 3G and 4G!

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