Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dish needs to build 40% of LTE network within four years

The FCC recently released details on the conditions Dish Network must meet in order to create their 4G LTE. According to two FCC documents, Dish must build out 40% of their planned LTE network within four years, and 70% of the network within seven years. If Dish fails to hit the 40% mark within four years they will need to hit 70% within six years instead of seven years. If they’re unable to hit the 70% mark they will not be able to offer service in any of the areas where initial coverage wasn’t provided. Many analysts still believe this is just a ploy by Dish network to drive up spectrum costs of 2000-2005 Mhz, 1915-1920 Mhz and 1995-2000 Mhz bands. If Dish does release this LTE network it is rumored to be called “Ollo,” and potential customers can expect the network to launch around 2015 when LTE-Advanced) is available.