Monday, December 03, 2012

Microsoft Surface: Does Rise Above or Fall Below?

The Microsoft Surface is Microsoft’s run at the future. The Surface has been in development since the IPad 2 was a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eyes. With it’s Gorilla Glass, magnesium casing, Tegra software and laughably simple yet intriguing kickstand, The Surface certainly has the ability to give other tablets a run for their money. But being that it’s a giant evil conglomerate I expected more.

I give The Surface a lot of credit for simple but workable design. The brightly colored tiles are a great way to give an identity for your new brand. I enjoy it much more than the oh look it’s a giant phone-ness of the IPad. This is the future, make it look like it. Also I think it is a great size for those in the artistic community. It’s bigger than a piece of paper,  but small enough to carry around in your bag,

The Surface is bigger, and feels heavier, thicker, more like a book rather than the frothy lightness of the IPad. It continues the tablet tradition of shiny in the front and matte black everywhere else. It’s not as smooth as the IPad due to the fact that they did not round off the corners as many have done before.  The size may work for some but it is mostly ridiculous. For those with mild or extreme cases of OCD it’s going to drive them crazy. Because the screen is a little bit too big for anything except video.

As you read books or magazines on The Surface there’s a hint of the page that comes next. Now in the lab I’m guessing they were thinking, people will love this. If you can see the next page then you don’t have to worry as much about touching the wrong part of the page accidentally highlighting or going backward.  Interesting in theory, but I would have preferred they just make the page I was reading fill the screen, would have been gutsier.

Also The Surface just doesn’t have enough stuff. The ITunes,and Google Play have way more apps available. Which leads me to the big question, who did they make this tablet for?  The reason why everyone has a laptop and a tablet is because, they want the joy of portability from their tablet and serious work with their laptop.  Microsoft had the laptop game covered. Microsoft Suite, Windows, all these have great features for the drone in sector 6 who has to get out his TPS reports out.

But Microsoft didn’t use what they knew to create this tablet. They should have looked around and saw that no tablet can really be worked from. The IPad keyboards on the screen are not good, and do not have the apps that can seriously compete with a laptop.  So why not make a tablet that was a great work engine with some  other enjoyable features? Because they wanted to be fun.

I have no interest in Microsoft being fun. Ke$ha’s life is “fun”, but if I was her, I would want to kill myself(I’m sure she’s very nice, but after one all night glitter rave I would sleep for a week and I’m sure that’s just her Tuesday).  But instead they tried to chase after the hip, cool, and fun instead. And they kind of failed. But the first IPad was tech marvel and that is why everyone loved it despite it’s flaws. So maybe The Surface just needs to get its bearings, use this as an educational tool for what to do next. I suggest letting your nerd flag fly, I know there’s a market for it cause it has it’s own channel on YouTube.