Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Apple TV update-You can finally do more stuff

Apple TV was the Steve Jobs’ vision for his company’s future.  He believed that the integration of software and hardware that he had created with phones and computers would include your tv as well.  So when Apple came out with Apple TV it seemed like his dream became a reality. And Apple TV has by and large kept their promise with a little square that plugs into your tv and let your surf the web, watch streaming movies, listen to your ITunes music etc.

But now they have added a new dimension. A brand new update has made it so that Apple TV user can use a bluetooth keyboard, and new music software that lets you stream from your ICloud. It also lets you see  the songs coming after your current listen. It beefs up your AirPlay app so that you can hear stereo audio while you watch movies.  

Overall it gives you a more complete package that is much closer to some of the other TV boxes that you can get. Apple has not yet reached the zenith of integrating your electronics all into one company but this update lets you know that they are using the entire bag of tricks to make you a life long Apple user.