Wednesday, January 02, 2013

BMW cars get 4G LTE WiFi

BMW is now offering a LTE WiFi hotspot that snaps directly into a cradle dock pictured above. The device will distribute a WiFi signal so passengers can enjoy LTE Internet on their phones, tablets and other devices. The adapter will not offer any data service to any of the car’s own dashboard infotainment electronics. While this feature is integrated into the vehicle, customers will find a limited WiFi range of about 30’ in real world applications.

If you’re looking for a more flexible WiFi connection in a vehicle we suggest using a Cradlepoint router instead. These routers allow you to create a much larger WiFi network (250’ plus with select models), add an external antenna, Ethernet out for hardwired devices and aren’t limited to the vehicle. Increased WiFi range can be important to mobile warriors like a real estate or insurance agent that need to go into clients homes and still maintain Internet connectivity. It’s nice to see car manufactures trying to get WiFi in their vehicles but our customers have been doing it for years and getting substantially more features and WiFi power.