Friday, January 18, 2013

Facetime added to other devices

Have you ever used facetime? Isn’t it great, being able to call/see another person at your fingertips? Face to Face, your loved ones or even business associates! Well good news, AT&T is now allowing customers on any compatible device(not just LTE-capable ones) to video chat while on a mobile network.
In the next few weeks customers with compatible iOS devices like the 4S will also be able to utilize Facetime, so long as they're on tiered plans rather than grandfathered unlimited ones. Users on unlimited plans are the last group to be left out. Last year they were able to access FaceTime over cellular for a short time, but we don’t expect that coming back anytime soon.
We have a feeling Facetime will be increasing in the next few months, so make sure you take those extra minutes in the morning and don’t look like a train wreck!