Wednesday, January 02, 2013

ISheep: A Commercial That May Have Changed A Game

Its a commercial with two wireless phone companies but says only one brand. The other company, that remains nameless throughout, is as plain as the app on your home page. People are waiting line with white earbuds dangling from their necks, watching longingly at people untethered to what seems like an eternal wait.  People just outside the line have Samsung phones, that touch each other and send data.

This is supposed to make the Samsung look super cool. It’s the free thinkers choice, versus the ISheep who wait in line for whatever new thing Apple throws at them. But when you look at the commercial  it still makes the Samsung  look kind of ridiculous. In what world would I want to touch phones with someone? How is that a cool thing to do? But that commercial did what is was supposed to, it sent a shiver down the spine of those that have waited in line for a phone that became a better version of itself a year later. It’s hard to believe that the Samsung will win a lot of more users out of that commercial, but it will definitely cause people to think twice about their next Apple purchase.

People who waited in line for the newest Apple doodad were to be marveled at as diehards. But now with this commercial it seems to have shifted. And what should be more worrying to Apple is that people agree with this portrayal. The Samsung ads are the number one viral marketing campaign this year.  Apple users seem like lemmings, just following the Apple logo wherever it leads them.  The lemmings also don’t seem to like the product very much, but were told a newer version was coming out so they had wait in line to get it.

But the more interesting thing is that Apple seems to have no opening salvo back. They used to be the cool dry kid who was fine that you didn't get it, you didn't have to, because others would. But they seem to have no argument for the Samsung, they do make little changes to their phones and roll it out like they just invented chairs. They always have way more demand than supply in the first few weeks of production.  They have huddled masses outside their stores before they allow people to purchase their products. But there are reasoning's behind all these decisions.

They change things and get out a new phone so that they can bring down the price on the older phones so that they can give a chance to the uninitiated  to enjoy the Apple experience. They swell demand to make sure that they can remain in the black due to the huge price tag that R&D creates. They want a chance to innovate and if it doesn't work out it’s not the end of the company. The huddled masses are also there because they want to be, no one told them to wait out there. They just did it to prove their devotion, not to anyone but other devotees.

But this commercial has become such an issue that Brian Williams brought it up it when speaking to current CEO of Apple Tim Cook. And instead of saying they were wrong he said they had stolen his product.  Samsung and Apple have been battling in the courts but the question is what exactly did they steal cause last I heard IPhones don’t touch each other. Just like their users.