Thursday, January 24, 2013

Verizon Static IPs & Shared Data Plans - How it Can Affect Your iPhone Data

This is a warning to those who have a Verizon static IP address on a line of service, as well as a separate iPhone data plan, and plan to join the two into a shared data plan...OR To those who plan to convert their Verizon Share Everything Plan to use static IPs (which cost $500).

Be aware that in doing so, your iPhones will automatically get converted to static IPs if you do not say otherwise. The problem with this is as soon as it happens, your iPhone data services will stop working. Unfortunately, Verizon won’t alert you to this change, you have to figure it out yourself. However, 3Gstore has found 2 ways to solve this problem.

1) When adding a static IP to your account, make sure that they do NOT add it to your iPhones as well.

2) If you want to have a static IP on your iPhone you’ll need to download the tool called "Apple Configurator" (screen shot below) and create a new profile that has the correct APN info (this will be dependent on your region - i.e. Illinois would use "MW01.VZWSTATIC” - see complete list below). You then need to mail this profile to your phone and install it. Once it’s installed, you’ll need to reboot your phone in order for it to apply the static IP.

Here is a list of Verizon APNs: 
1. ne01.vzwstatic (NorthEast)
2. nw01.vzwstatic (NorthWest)
3. so01.vzwstatic (South)
4. mw01.vzwstatic (MidWest)
5. we01.vzwstatic (West)

If you’ve already added a static IP address to your Share Everything plan and DO NOT want a static IP on your iPhone, you’re going to have to contact Verizon directly to have them remove it. Once it is removed you’ll be able to enjoy your iPhone data services again.

*Please understand that this is not something 3Gstore’s support can assist you with, but merely a warning to help Verizon customers in this situation.