Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Can you trust your Iphone with your secrets?

Can you trust your Iphone to keep your secrets private?  How about if it fell into the wrong hands. 

Your Iphone can spill its guts when cornered by professionals or authorities.

The American Civil Liberties Union published a report, documenting the seizure and search of a suspect’s iPhone from her bedroom.

While it’s no surprise that a phone carries plenty of secrets, the document presents in stark detail a list of personal information, including call logs, photos, videos, text messages, Web history, eight different passwords for various services, and perhaps most importantly, 659 previous locations of the phone invisibly gathered from Wifi networks and cell towers.

You have a password set on your phone so you don't have to worry. 

Even when passwords are setup in place, law enforcement can still use tools to bypass or brute-force a phone’s security measures.

Google in some cases helps law enforcement to get past Android phones’ lockscreens, and if law enforcement can’t crack a seized phone, officers will in some cases mail the phone to Apple, who extract the data and return it stored on a DVD along with the locked phone.

 You need a warrant you say!  Not in the interest of National Security!