Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FCC Cellular Amplifier Rules and Cellphone-Mate

Earlier this month the FCC released their new regulations for cellular amplifiers that boost cellular service. Within the ruling it was made clear that cellular signal boosters are completely legal for both business and consumer use, and all major carriers have given consent to use signal boosters. The FCC will give manufactures a one year transition period, until March 2014 to move to the new technical standards and allow sales of existing amplifiers while the transition occurs. The new regulations may increase the cost of signal boosters in the future because some of the components may need to be redesigned to comply with the new regulations.

In an interview with Wireless Week Cellphone-Mate speaks out about signal boosters. Within the interview Hongtao Zhan, CEO of Cellphone-Mate talks about the company manufacturing both commercial and residential signal boosters and believes the commission made the right decision. About five years ago the FCC started complaining that signal boosters could cause interference and should not be legal, despite the fact that millions of people across the country rely on them for signal in their home, office or while traveling. In rare occurrences signal boosters can cause interference and Zhan said that in the two million plus signal boosters have been sold throughout the U.S. and the number of devices that interfered with the network was very small.

While the FCC investigated signal amplifiers Cellphone-Mate helped them a lot with their research, and assisted them in understanding the issues and resolving technical concerns. Zhan also said that it was essential for the carriers and manufacturers of signal boosters to come to a resolution and solve any outstanding concerns. “In a sense it’s a live or die issue for the industry,” Zhan said. “Who wants to manufacture if FCC says it’s illegal?” The new regulations that the FCC has put in place will ensure that carriers remain happy and won’t need to worry about a cellular amplifier bringing down their cellular network.

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