Tuesday, February 05, 2013

How to tether your MiFi 4620L or JetPack 5510L to Peplink Balance and Pepwave Max Routers

MiFi devices like the Jetpack 4620L or 4620LE have grown in popularity over the years by allowing users to share WiFi with multiple devices while being small and portable with battery power. However, for companies that want to share connectivity with a lot of users and create a more advanced office network the MiFi’s simply fall short. Unlike the original MiFi units (MiFi 2200), the newer Jetpack devices would not actually tether directly to a router and users were forced to use WiFi as WAN, which syncs the MiFi to the router via WiFi. Now, Peplink Balance and Pepwave Max routers fully support both the MiFi 4620L, 4620LE and 5510L versions via direct USB tether!

For step by step instructions on how to configure your Peplink Balance our Pepwave Max router with your MiFi visit - EVDOInfo Tip of the week # 79: Tether your MiFi 4620L or Jetpack 5510L to Peplink Balance and Pepwave Max Routers