Friday, February 08, 2013

Wilson Sleek 4G-U Available Feb. 15th!

Many of you have likely been waiting for the Wilson Sleek 4G-U to come out, and the time has finally come! 3Gstore will be shipping the Sleek 4G-U (Universal) model February 15th.

If you're not familiar with this product, The Wilson Sleek 4G-U is very similar to the 2G/3G and other 4G capable versions, like the 4G-V & 4G-A. These are cradle amplifiers, meaning your phone/MiFi/datacard has to be sitting in the cradle to benefit from the signal boost. There are videos on the product page that should help you understand how the Sleek works and how it can benefit your cellular device.

The Wilson Sleek 4G-U works with just about EVERYTHING: traditional 800/1900mhz voice and 3G networks, Verizon 4G LTE, AT&T 4G HSPA+ & LTE, US Cellular 4G LTE, Sprint 4G LTE, AWS for T-Mobile/MetroPCS, and even Canadian HSPA+. The only thing the 4G-U doesn't work for is Sprint 4G WiMAX and Nextel/i-den.

Pre-Order yours today!