Thursday, March 07, 2013

3Gstore Warehouse Evacuated - Explosion Across Street

We pride ourselves at ALWAYS shipping your package on time.  Something happened yesterday that was out of our control.  A building directly across the street from us exploded and was on fire.  They brought in 15 fire departments.  The company made paint and field striping machines.  The forced all surrounding businesses to evacuate around 1:30pm CST.  We were able to drop off most of our express packages to FedEx, but there were a handful of packages that we couldn't get out.  So, if you had an 3 day package, we are upgrading your to 2 day.  If you paid for a 2 day, we are upgrading you to a 1 day.  There was one overnight package that we didn't get to and we are very sorry as we were forced to leave.  We are contacting all customers.  With us paying to have your package upgraded to the next level, you will still get your package on the day you were expecting it.

Update on the one Overnight Package.  We had contact with the customer and we upgraded her package to FedEx First Overnight and we are sending to her hotel so that she gets it tomorrow before 8:30am and she was very happy with that.

Below is the 2nd explosion we filmed of 640 Industrial Drive, Cary, IL  on 3/6/2013.