Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Can Google keep a Secret?

In our continued Series of Secrets we will examine:

Can Google Keep a secret?

You already know your smartphone holds a ton of information about you from our previous article on Your Iphone and Android, and then our article on cellular companies not keeping secrets as they look for ways to turn a profit.

How about your Search Engines like Google?

Google revealed that the FBI requested data on 2000 Google Accounts last year, the request was made without warrants using a Technique called a "National Security Letter" In short it allows the US Government to obtain Financial, Phone and Internet Data without a warrant.

Data Given includes IP Address Login, GPS Information, emails, contacts, pictures, Mac Addresses of computers.

The FBI has been requesting information from Google since 2009 about American Citizens

Google says it will notify users unless prohibited by a court order. Don't blame Google for not keeping your secrets, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet Media Giants also give in to the National Security Letter Request.