Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GM Cars with 4LTE- The Diet Coke of Innovation

GM has recently announced that most of their 2014 models will include 4G LTE from AT&T. What does this mean? That I can have Wifi in my car? No. No not one that you can use to connect to the internet anyway. Does it mean that my car will know when I’m on the way home? Yes. Who cares about that? I don’t know, but it’s interesting isn’t it? I guess.Why would I pay for LTE on your car when all it does it things that you can do on your phone? Because it’s cool sounding. When can I have Wifi in my car? You really need to let that go.  This I believe is the argument that will happen in many GM dealerships across the country.  Making it seem like 4LTE in GM cars is a somewhat uninspiring leap into the future.

This is a baby step towards cooler things but for now what they are hoping is that this help will do what car companies whining about since the first car came off the assembly line. Keeping the customers from ruining the car. It will, be able to send info. straight to the dealer to let them know when your oil needs changing, if your tires are low,etc. Now in one aspect this is great, because remembering to do these things is a bit of a hassle and having your dealership keep an eye it is helpful. If not a little creepy

This is a tech that the rest of the world has not really caught up with yet. It doesn’t allow you to use the internet in your car, it doesn’t allow you to know your location better all it does right now is keep you in touch with your dealership. The best is that it may let you know that there’s a McDonald’s coming up but your GPS let you know that already. Now what they hope is that in the future is that it will become the entrance to a foursquare type situation.

This will let you know  that as you drive down the road it will let you know what places are having sales, where the nearest starbucks is, if your friends are hanging out at the Panera. And the fact that GM will have that capability before everyone else is going to be very profitable. But for right now, not so much.